Looking for a fun way to spend quality time with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? Check out this great family activity!

Family Valentine Drawing Activity by Tricia Winklosky, MS-ATR, Clinical Health & Wellness Director

Step 1: Collect materials—keep it simple: ½ sheet of paper or card stock with crayons, oil pastels, or colored pencils.

Family Valentines Day_1

Step 2: Using any of the materials, the parent(s) start and create the outline of Valentine, can be heart shape, circle, or whatever shape the parent choses. Couples create outline together.

Family Valentines Day_2

Step 3: The couple or family members then add color, shapes, and designs. Encourage drawing lines, shapes, and designs -nothing realistic. Have fun and enjoy creating together!

Family Valentines Day_3

TIP: Create your family Valentine without talking about it – can you do it?

Step 4: When everyone feels they are finished, discuss if the family would like to add words or title. If yes, decide together and include on/in your Valentine.
Step 5: Each family member initials the Valentine.
Step 6: Post it in a place where family can see and be reminded. Be sure to take a picture so you can share with deployed member and family/children while apart.

Family Valentines Day_4

NOTE: There is no right or wrong in creating together! Outside or inside lines, using whatever colors, shapes, or designs – it’s ALL right! Enjoy being & creating together!