A new year means a chance at a clean slate, new goals and the opportunity to grow and improve your life.

In a recent Inc. article by Peter Economy, he shares that only 60% of people will make 2019 New Year’s Resolutions. Of that 60%, the top 3 New Year’s resolutions of those surveyed are 1) diet or eat healthier 2) exercise more 3. lose weight . Other popular resolutions include saving money, kicking bad habits, and learning a new hobby or skill.

The study predicts that only 8% of people who will make New Year’s resolutions in 2019 stuck with them. So our New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to invite you into our HOPE family and help you accomplish your resolutions!  


Become a face of HOPE in your community and lead by example. Kindness and generosity are contagious!


We are a small organization with a large footprint! In 2017, we held over 300 events throughout the United States to support service members, veterans and military families through fundraising and programmatic partnerships. With only 59 HOPE staff members, we need your help to grow our volunteer network!

The best gift you can give someone is HOPE; the second is your time. Give both of these gifts to veterans and military families in your community by signing up to volunteer at an event near you:  Volunteer Hub.

Circle of Hope  

For the same price you spend each month on Starbucks coffee or to eat out for lunch, you can make a difference in the lives of veterans and military families, by joining our monthly giving program, Circle of Hope.

Here’s how your monthly gift can forever restore HOPE:

$22 per month: Family Support–Provide travel assistance for a caregiver and family visiting a wounded service member.

$48 per month: Education–Cover books and supplies for a  Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship  recipient.

$75 per month: Therapeutic & Camaraderie Building Events–Sponsor a wounded service member’s participation in a Hope & Morale Retreat or an  Outdoor Adventures event.

$100 per month:  Financial Assistance  Prevent homelessness for a military family facing a service-related income gap.

$250 per month: Restore Hope: Help grant  A Warrior’s Wish.

Be a better significant other, friend or parent, by taking care of YOURSELF!  

Hope For The Warriors Health & Wellness programs provide clinical support to not only veterans but to caregivers, spouses and families. Our programs offer a holistic, person-centered approach in addressing the physical, psychological, social and environmental needs of the service member, their family and families of the fallen.

Actively Share HOPE 

Being a face of HOPE is more than volunteering and donating, it’s being  HOPE in someone’s life. Blog contributor and Marine Corps veteran, RM Harshman states it perfectly in his blog, A Four-Letter Word, “HOPE is the person picking up on the other end of a 3 a.m. phone call. It’s a deep, warm hug assuring us all is OK. HOPE itself is just a word. But when it’s spoken or when it’s shown, it’s stronger than anger or sadness. And it’s more contagious than a mid-afternoon yawn.”

Be a face of HOPE by referring a veteran and military family in your community to our organization. Pass along the information they need to apply for services. A simple click on our website not only gives them the opportunity to learn about our support programs, but also the chance to connect with other families through our many events. Learn more by clicking here.


Race toward a healthier you with Run For The Warriors  

Run For The Warriors® is a series of community-based races dedicated to the men and women injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, their families and families of the fallen. It is a celebration of their strength and resolve and a promise to continue restoring their sense of self, family and hope.

If running a 5K is one of your 2019 goals, check out our 10-week 5K Training Series for Beginners!

Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer Katie Henry designed a custom training plan for our Run For The Warriors runners that will guide you through training for your first 5K and provide you with healthy eating tips to properly fuel your body.

10 Week 5K Training Series for Beginners Part 1

10 Week 5K Training Series for Beginners Part 2

10 Week 5K Training Series for Beginners Part 3

 Challenge yourself with Team Hope For The Warriors

Team Hope For The Warriors® provides athletes of all abilities the opportunity to engage the competitive spirit at endurance events. Warrior Team members are provided with adaptive equipment and race support to ensure that they are defined by their achievements rather than their injuries. Community Team members challenge themselves to raise funds for America’s heroes, set new athletic goals, or simply support our military. These teams are united by the common goal to improve the rehabilitation of wounded service members and military families.

Log your miles and virtually run with fellow Team Hope For The Warriors members using STRAVA!

Follow Hope For The Warriors on Facebook to learn more about Run For The Warriors and Team Hope For The Warriors fitness opportunities and events.

Hope For The Warriors

Run For The Warriors

Team Hope For The Warriors

You can achieve your goals in 2019. Your HOPE family is here to cheer you on and support you every step of the way!

If you are a Post-9/11 veteran, caregiver or family member who is interested in learning more about our comprehensive programs, apply for services on our website.

“Through HOPE all things are possible.”