Restoring Family with a vacation wish…
Sergeant Charles Taylor, USMC (Ret) enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2005 and served two tours in Fallujah, Iraq, providing scout reconnaissance and surveillance. During his first deployment, he experienced four improvised explosive devices (IED) and one vehicle IED blast. He also witnessed fellow service members killed in action or severely wounded. Upon returning stateside from his second deployment, he was reassigned to the Wounded Warrior Battalion East (WWBnE) at Camp Lejeune and was medically retired nine months later in July 2009. Following his retirement Sgt Taylor moved back home to Tennessee married his wife and started a family. The couple has two sons and one daughter.
Until this past year, Taylor was masking his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with alcohol and did not recognize the importance of mental health treatment. He courageously voluntarily admitted himself to a residential treatment center for PTSD and traumatic brain injury. He returned home on January 25, 2018 and has a plan in place to maintain his treatment and wellbeing goals. His wife nominated Sgt Taylor for this wish hoping it will be the next step on the road to the in his recovery. He has always talked about his dream of wanting to take a beach family.
Taylor is described as a truly selfless man who loves his family dearly. He and his family enjoy playing sports and watching movies together. The time spent masking his PTSD also lost him precious moments with his family that they can never get back. Committed to recovery, he and his family hope that new memories born from a family vacation will be a great step in the right direction. Hearing how passionate Taylor is about his family and being a husband and father, A Warrior’s Wish sent that family packing to make new restorative memories while enjoying the beautiful white sandy beaches of Destin, Florida.