As the world of R&B is transforming, there is still one R&B crooner who feels passion behind the music. Inspired and vicariously mentored by R&B greats, Elliott McKenzie strives to be a constant in the ever changing world of music.
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Known for his innate abilities, this Los Angeles area-born and raised artist is seeking to change the face of modern R&B by fusing early 2000s style vocal arrangements with today’s production.
What makes Elliott different is the fact that he is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran of the Iraq war who uses music as a form of therapy for PTSD. His music and on stage performances are a form of release and calming for his condition. When Elliott sings, he gives it all he has and the adrenaline release is very therapeutic for him. Through using music as therapy, Elliott has found a way to save his own life.

One thing Elliott is known for is his quick turnaround ability. He can instantly come up with a beautiful arrangement upon hearing production for the first time. Give him only a matter of minutes in the studio and he can turn a new piece of production into a beautifully arranged song.

On stage, Elliott is known for singing his heart out and making live music sound powerfully emotional. Audiences say that his live performances are just as good as his studio recordings, if not better. Elliott is truly at home on stage when he has a microphone in his hand and the opportunity to go through what he calls a “live therapy session.”

Tune in to The Hope For The Warriors podcast to listen to Elliot’s amazing story about how he went from being a US Marine Corps Combat Veteran to hitting rock bottom due to Post Traumatic Stress to seeking treatment for his PTSD and obtaining his bachelor’s degree in behavioral health so that he can help other military veterans who are battling PTSD. Hear firsthand of how he has used music to mitigate the symptoms of his PTSD.

On Instagram Elliott uses the hashtag #rnbvet to identify himself and his posts. Being a combat veteran turned R&B singer, #rnbvet fits perfect. R&B singer + veteran = RNBVET Check out Elliott’s Website by clicking here.