IMG_0021Service members join the military because they want to serve their country. Whether they serve for several years or retire after twenty-five, they volunteered to protect our country, putting other lives before their own. But their service doesn’t end when they transition out of the military, because veterans continue to serve others by finding ways to give back to their community and fellow veterans.
Meet Luke Scott, USMC, Cole Springer, USA, Josh Highnote, USMC, Dylan Knight, ANG, and Jake Piscal, USA. These veterans met in early 2017 and built their friendship off their love of country and their shared passion for fitness and service.
 Leveraging their shared passion, the team decided to take on the challenge of rucking, each of them carrying a 35-pound pack, for 26.2 miles in the Publix Marathon this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The team is using this as an opportunity to promote awareness of the military community and raise money for Hope For The Warriors.
Army Veteran, Springer shares, “We all believe sports and races are a great way to drive awareness— and we love competing. We are all CrossFitters and are passionate about forging mental toughness through fitness. We strive to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and always ready for the Unknown.”
Ultimately, what drives their motivation to take on this feat are the brothers and sisters that they served with and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Cole goes on to share, “To us, this is more than just a physical test. It bridges the gap between the body and the mind, emotion and experience, and gives us the opportunity to sweat, bleed, suffer, and grieve for our fallen comrades— one mile at a time.”
You can support their efforts to give back and help the military community by donating today, click here: Rucking For Warriors