Who would have ever thought that a marketing expert would give the best quote about a social worker?

“A social worker is an artist when they are working in the moment with their client.”

What an amazing and beautiful point to make!

This was said by Seth Godin, marketing guru.  His point is that to do their job well, a social worker lets the needs of their clients guide the work, rather than following an instruction manual.

As an organization with the name “Warrior” in it, we are sometimes asked if we are a government agency or part of the military.  We are so fortunate to not be a government entity.

As an independent nonprofit, we work with wounded service members, their families, and families of the fallen.  On our staff are licensed social workers as well as social workers who are working towards their license.  We have an amazing group of social work interns who work with us as they earn their Masters degree.  We also have program coordinators who work with families every single day.  And as they work with each family, they treat them as individuals–unique in their problems and solutions.

Each member of our program staff is an artist.  And the results of their work is beautiful.

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