Today’s blog is from Vicki Lane, Regional Clinicial Social Worker.  Vicki shares with us today why she works for Hope For The Warriors®. 
I have been a
military spouse for over 32 years and when I began my career as a clinical social
worker I knew this was the population I wanted to serve.  The military community has given much to my
family and me over the years—I wanted a way to give back.

Hope For The
Warriors® has given me just such an opportunity.  Through my position as Regional Clinical
Social Worker I feel I am able to meet the stated mission of Hope For The
Warrior®:   to restore a sense of self, restore the family
unit, and restore hope for our physically and psychologically wounded service
men and women, veterans, and their families. 
It is an honor and a privilege to help these men and women navigate
their way through difficult financial and psychological issues, to help them
learn new ways to solve and/or cope with these issues, to offer supportive
counseling, and to lend an empathetic ear. 
It never ceases to amaze me how much healing takes place by simply
letting them know we care enough to listen—and truly hear what they have to

I also find
it rewarding to work along-side and mentor our Master of Social Work (MSW)
interns as they grow as social workers and learn about the very real and unique
culture of the military.  Many of these
MSW interns plan to continue working with the military after they graduate, and
Hope offers them a rare and indispensable experience.

I feel
blessed to be working for an organization with a staff that not only understands
the importance of caring for our Nation’s wounded, ill, and injured—but makes
that caring priority number one!