Today’s blog is written by Jon Giuffre, new marketing manager with Hope For The Warriors®.  He shares his experiences attending his first program within our Employment & Education pillar.
As a
relatively new member of the Hope For The Warriors® staff, I had not gotten the
full opportunity to experience first hand some of the amazing programs that the
organization has to offer. This past Thursday and Friday, I finally had my
chance, and worked with fellow staff members at the Above & Beyond Workshop
in Dulles, VA.

Veterans work one-on-one with Volunteers

The Workshop
was an all day event that was held in the Northrop Grumman building, and several
employees volunteered their time to assist veterans of all ages with several
professional development exercises. 
These included: resume writing, mock interviews, and presentation
activities.  Everyone involved was
actively participating, and it was great to see the veterans so eager to take
in all of the information that was had been provided.  All of this was useful to help them prepare
for the T3 Employment Resource Expo the next day. I have to give credit to the
Hope For The Warriors® staff that organized the workshop; Connie Morinello,
Brian Schiller, and other staff members who volunteered, Joy Ashcraft and Rob
Cork.  They did a terrific job assisting
with the professional development exercises and made sure that each veteran was
getting all they could out of the day.

The T3
Employment and Resource Expo was held by the Dulles Chamber of Commerce.  A few local businesses came ready to schedule
interviews with the veterans, as well as provide information about their
companies and what positions they had available and were looking to fill. It
was a great experience for our veterans to speak with a few potential
employers, and most seemed extremely confident speaking with them.  A big thanks to the Dulles Chamber of
Commerce and the companies that attended; it was a wonderful event.

Getting a job
in this day and age is hard enough, and can be even more difficult for veterans.  These are people who served their country,
and put their lives on the line for us, so I believe that it is the utmost
importance that we assist in any way we can. 
Seeing how this Above & Beyond Workshop helped veterans gain
confidence in their resume, interview, and presentation skills completely
reinvigorated me as to why I chose to work with Hope For The Warriors®.  I hope to be involved in more and more of
these events in the near future.
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