The following testimonial comes to us from one of our service members, illustrating the struggles and successes of a typical Above & Beyond client.


Thank you so much for the encouragement because I really needed it. I won’t sugar coat because this is a very low time in my life. I can’t provide for my family life and believe I should. Below is my written statement and I also wanted to remind you that I would like to take advantage of linking with another mentor. As always God bless you for all you do.

For over a year I have had the pleasure of receiving assistance from Hope For The Warriors®. This organization, through the strong commitment and dedication from the staff, has done an [unbelievable] job returning confidence in my difficult time. I have struggled with post-traumatic stress since my return from Iraq in 2005. I have received numerous counseling [sessions] because of my horrific experiences during and after my active commitment and lost track of what I wanted to do for my family and in a career. Hope For The Warriors® has helped build my prospective from the ground up and has taught me what it takes to conduct myself as a professional. With continued assistance, I am optimistically job hunting with the confidence that I will obtain a career in an area that I can share my gifts and talents.



Meet the Team

In 2014 the Career Transition & Education (CTE) pillar met and conquered many challenges, setting the stage for an exciting and growth filled 2015. The year began with staff restructuring and the hiring of Matthew Baffoe as the Manager of CTE, it saw the growth of the Above & Beyond Program, continued success with the Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship program, established partnerships with two service member organizations – Hire Heroes USA and American Corporate Partners (ACP), established cross-pillar communication, and ended on a high note with Amber Johnson, a Critical Care Coordinator with Hope For The Warriors®,taking a leading role in the scholarship program.

Above & Beyond Seminar 2013

As Director of CTE, retired Marine Master Sargent and combat veteran, Brian Schiller established a partnership with ACP, a long-term mentorship program providing support in such areas as resume writing, interview skills, negotiation, and entrepreneurial establishment. In addition, he founded a relationship with Hire Heroes USA, a company that assists service members in the establishment of interviews with companies across the US. Brian has rigorously traveled the country as an emissary for Hope For The Warriors ®, laying the groundwork for future partnerships, educational and professional development conferences, and continued fundraising efforts. Brian’s goals for 2015 are to continue the expansion of the pillar, expand and refine the scholarship program, and to continue to build on the many successes of the Above & Beyond Program.

Matt Baffoe joined the organization in May 2014 and immediately put his deep experience as a business man and educator to use. He oversaw the operation of two successful scholarship campaigns, resulting in the awarding of seven total scholarships. Realizing the many physical and mental challenges faced by today’s service members, he established cross-pillar communication between the Critical Care Team and Above & Beyond. By doing so, the Above & Beyond team continues to monitor professional growth while cognizant of the mental well-being of service members and their families as they face the challenges of today’s job market. Under his tutelage, the Above & Beyond Program continues to grow into a thriving program. Baffoe’s goals for 2015 are many, including continued refinement of the Above & Beyond Program, additional work between pillars, assisting in the organization of CTE events, and the continued growth of the Scholarship program.

Above & Beyond Seminar 2013

Amber Johnson has worked with the scholarship program off and on for her entire six-year career with Hope For The Warriors ®. Her vast organizational knowledge includes Scholarships, Critical Care Coordination, Community & Military Relations, and IT. Her insight, spontaneity, and work ethic are invaluable to the team, and she began putting her mark on the scholarship program in late 2014. She has begun several quality control efforts that will strengthen the program and further its success. Amber’s goals for 2015 are to refine and update the application process and expand the program.

Above & Beyond Seminar 2013

Our Hard Work Continues

Our continued commitment to service members and their continued fight for a better station in life is demonstrative of the aforementioned service member [Q.S.] and thousands of others across the country. Although several service members have found jobs, refined their searches, and achieved their goals through Above & Beyond, the entire Hope team has worked with this case and when (notice the word “when” not “if”) he achieves the success he is looking for, our entire organization can rejoice.