Teri Twigg is a Vice President at Makwa Global, a Tribal Enterprise supporting government agencies. She was specifically recruited in 2019 for her experience and business acumen, to scale an organization from the ground up. She has played an integral role in creating and defining the organization’s overall vision, mission, and core values. She has also directed the design, development, and implementation of strategic goals and business processes, taking the organization from start-up to a global company with 14 subsidiaries across seven industries.  

Teri began her career at NASA, overseeing multiple contracts valued at $50M per annum. Over her career, she has focused on building and leading the policies and processes to support growing teams and navigating the complex relationships and compliance challenges of organizations and agencies, such as the DOS, DOD, and DHS.

As an accomplished executive with over 20 years of diverse corporate experience, Teri specializes in executing dynamic growth strategies through operational and people-centric excellence. Her deep experience in government contracting, implementation management/project management, process review/improvement, and marketing inform deep and broad insights needed to scale organizations and initiatives from inception to exponential growth.

Teri believes in organizational effectiveness created through an employee-focused culture, collaborative engagements across stakeholders, and a solution-oriented focus on systems. 

Her strength as a leader is firmly rooted in her experience as a military spouse. Her commitment has led her to build and support programs at home to support our service members and family (including PTSD/TBI Awareness, spouse employment, family support, etc.) while experiencing firsthand the effects of war. She has a personal commitment to supporting military personnel and their families and addressing veterans’ cognitive and mental health challenges.

Teri has founded and served multiple organizations supporting military personnel, their families, and surrounding communities, including the Military Spouse Foundation, the Military Officers Association of America Spouse Counciland Military Affairs and Leadership Advisory Councils. She has also served in numerous leadership roles for Military Spouses’ Organizations.

She lives in Virginia with her husband, a retired USMC Veteran, and two Siberian Huskies.