Hope For The Warriors® is excited to share that we have granted another Wish through the A Warrior’s Wish® Program.  This Wish was for a set of golf clubs.  Here is the story:

Joel (seen in this photo with his service dog) was shot in the face in June 2011 while serving in Afghanistan.  In addition, he also suffers from traumatic brain injury, a knee injury, back pain and severe PTSD. 

In high school, Joel enjoyed the game of golf.  Now, he has returned to this therapeutic sport. 

“Ever since I started golfing again, my PTSD seems to fade away when I am out on the course.  Golfing takes my mind off the daily struggles that I have with my PTSD.  I try to golf at least three times a week.  I am still recovering from my knee and back injury but it does not affect me too much when I golf.”

These are words and sentiments that many wounded service members share.  The game of golf helps our service members with their physical and psychological recovery. 

Joel’s Wish was for a set of golf clubs to replace the used golf clubs that had been handed down to him.  His goal was to improve his game with the right set of clubs.  Hope For The Warriors® was proud to grant this Wish!

And where will he go from here?  We shared the story last month of Chad whose Wish for golf clubs has led him to win the Warrior Open two years in a row.  Perhaps granting this Wish to Joel will help his golf game too!