March is Women’s History Month and throughout the month, we
have honored many incredible women. 
Today, we honor a longtime volunteer that has made a lasting impact on
our organization.

Joyce de Moose began volunteering with our organization in
2008 and quickly became instrumental in the development of the organization.  Under Joyce’s direction, the Above &
Beyond Professional Development Program was created.  At that time, Joyce planned and executed a
comprehensive two-weekend course that brought together professionals in the
areas of business, government and education. 
Wounded veterans from around the country attended the seminars and found
success through employment or by starting their own business. 
Joyce’s impact on Hope For The Warriors® can still be seen
today.  While the seminar has evolved,
the blueprint created by Joyce remains. 
Many of the volunteers and professionals recruited by her also continue
to support Hope For The Warriors® and even fly around the country for seminars
that have been held in California and Hawaii. 

Learn more about the Above & Beyond Program.