In an interview with Hope For The Warriors®, former Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship recipient, Katie Hubbard, shares the scholarship’s impact on her education, a goal her late husband wanted her to pursue. 

Katie lives in Kansas and is enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University working toward her Master’s as a Psychology major. She heard about the scholarship from another widow. Katie’s husband served in the Army and the scholarship encouraged her to make a better life for herself and her son through education.

When asked how it will impact her future with her son, Katie explained that furthering her education was something her husband always wanted for her.

This scholarship opportunity has helped me not only to continue my goals, but the goals of my late husband. He wanted me to continue my education, and I feel this program is a way to keep his goal. The scholarship was a tremendous help in being able to afford school and paying for books. There are not many scholarships available for Master’s degree programs, so any assistance is greatly appreciated in lowering the amount of debt I will have to take out to ensure the completion of this program. Graduating from this degree program will help to show my son that no matter what life throws at you and occurs, you can reach your goals. There are people out there that want you to succeed, and with determination it will happen.