In the heart of every vibrant organization dedicated to making a difference, lies individuals like Nicole LaSpina, whose passion for service and compassion sets them apart. As Senior Director of Brand Marketing for Wyndham Hotel and Resorts, Nicole brings not only her professional expertise but also a deep commitment to giving back.

Nicole’s journey with Hope For The Warriors began through a unique partnership. With a desire to support organizations that align with her values, Nicole and the Super 8 by Wyndham team sought out a partner with top-rated programs and a mission close to their hearts: supporting the military community. Hope For The Warriors fit that bill, making it the perfect match for collaboration.

Drive for Hope with Hope for the warriors and Wyndham hotels.

Over the last six years, Nicole has actively participated in Drive For Hope, the spouse/caregiver scholarship program, Circle of Hope, and the Run For The Warriors.

Nicole LaSpina

She has fostered support through innovative programs, such as allowing Wyndham members to donate points to assist military families in their travels.

Nicole’s dedication to Hope For The Warriors goes beyond professional obligation. Her personal connection to the military, with a grandfather who served in WWII and a fiancé who is an Army veteran, underscores her commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for our country. As a firm believer in the importance of passion, Nicole actively seeks out opportunities to give back and aligns herself with organizations that resonate with her core values.

One of the ways Nicole contributes to Hope For The Warriors is through her involvement in the scholarship program. Serving on the grading committee for military spouse and caregiver scholarship applications, she gains unique insights into the real challenges faced by these families. Nicole emphasizes the significance of understanding the individuals HOPE aims to assist, and she finds inspiration in reading the genuine and impactful stories shared by applicants. “I feel honored reading their stories,” she says. “It puts the trials and tribulations that military families go through into perspective.”

Nicole LaSpina

Being nominated as Hope For The Warriors’ Volunteer of the Month for December holds a special place in Nicole’s heart. For her, this recognition is not just about the organization acknowledging her efforts but also about celebrating the people who contribute to the greater good. “It’s so nice that an organization is not only focusing on doing good,” she says. “They’re focusing on the people helping them do good.”

Kristy Warren, HOPE’s Career Transition Case Manager/Scholarship Program Manager
nominated Nicole, highlighting her years of dedicated support as a scholarship committee member. Nicole’s commitment to submitting grades, providing feedback, and supporting the scholarship program’s functions has been instrumental in its successful revamp. “I am very thankful for her support in that,” Kristy says. “She is always someone I can rely on to submit grades and provide helpful feedback and support for the function of the scholarship program.” Kristy also commends Nicole's kindness, intelligence, and genuine belief in HOPE’s mission, making her a steadfast supporter of the organization.

Nicole LaSpina

In honoring Nicole LaSpina as the Volunteer of the Month, we celebrate her contributions and the spirit of service that defines Hope For The Warriors. Nicole’s journey exemplifies the profound impact one can make when driven by passion, empathy, and a commitment to making the world a better place for our service members and their families. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Nicole for her unwavering dedication, and we look forward to witnessing the continued positive change she brings to the lives of those touched by HOPE.

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In just six short years, Nicole has done so much for Hope For The Warriors, and you
can too! If her journey inspires you and you want to contribute your talents, skills, and desire to serve our nation’s heroes, consider connecting with Hope For The Warriors by emailing, or click here for more