From L: Sharon Shumucker, Miranda Dillworth, Connie Covert,
Katie Tame, Grandma Margaret, Mother Christine,
JennyRose Corritore, and Augustine Covert.

Taking care of service members sometimes means that we
take care of their families when they are deployed.  Christine is the proud mother of three sons,
all who have served in the United States Army. 
One is currently deployed to Afghanistan with the Fighting Sixty-Ninth
(69th Infantry Regiment, part of the New York Army National Guard).  Christine, who is disabled and uses a
wheelchair, and her mother, have been homeless since Hurricane Sandy flooded
their first floor apartment.  On
Thursday, they finally received the call that an apartment was available to
them.  Their few possessions that were
not lost were in storage and Christine and her mother needed help. 
Hope For The Warriors® received the phone call from the
command, sharing this information and asking if we could help.  We called on our amazing volunteers and
within two days, enough volunteers had stepped forward and moved this entire
household to their new apartment. 
Christine and her mother are now getting settled in their new home.
And Christine’s son is grateful for the help.  He can continue to serve knowing that his
family is receiving the support they need back home.
Thank you to our amazing volunteers who step forward
whenever we call.