Captain Juan Guerrero, USA (Ret.)  applied for A Warrior’s Wish® with hopes of finally taking his wife on a long over-do honeymoon that never happened while he was on the road to recovery. A few years, a son and a baby later his dreams of a honeymoon turned into a “family-moon” and they explored the magic of Walt Disney World together.

CPT Guerrero immigrated to the United States as a teenager and joined the United States Marine Corps. He deployed to Iraq in Operation Desert Storm as an automatic rifleman.  Four years later he enlisted in the Army and in 2003, he deployed to Iraq as part of the unit spearheading the initial invasion of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2005, he completed training to be an officer.  His third deployment to Iraq was as a 1st Lt. EOD Security Escort. As a platoon leader, his Humvee was hit by an IED on July 26, 2007. 

After being medically evacuated to Baghdad for his initial surgeries, CPT Guerrero, USA (Ret.) was transferred to Germany, Walter Reed Naval Hospital, Alaska, and finally to Sam Houston Military Medical Center in San Antonio, TX.  He had spent three years trying to salvage his leg injuries before his physicians were forced to amputate below the knee on his right leg.

Upon his return home to the states as a wounded warrior, he met and shortly after married his wife. Due to the challenges of his medical complications, the two were not able to celebrate their union with a honeymoon. CPT Guerrero, USA (Ret.) remains an active participant in his recovery through physical therapy and mental health treatment for PTSD and anxiety.  Since his amputation, he has had motivation and support from his family and rehabilitation team to participate in new sports and the Paralympic competitions in the San Antonio, TX area.

The Guerrero family’s Warrior’s Wish® was sponsored by Team Chris, a group of loyal supporters whose mission is to honor the life of Cpl Christopher G. Scherer, USMC

To learn more about a A Warrior’s Wish® or to help make A Warrior’s Wish® come true please visit Hope For The Warriors®.


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