As the child of a Vietnam veteran, Andrea Viglione experienced firsthand the effects of combat on both veterans and their family members. Sitting in the waiting room before an appointment one day, Andrea found a magazine article featuring HOPE and was compelled to reach out and learn more. ​

After learning about our mission, holistic approach to well-being, programs and services that focus on the whole family, and the acknowledgment of the struggle military caregivers face, Andrea was ready to join our volunteer program. ​

As a volunteer, she first helped to raise support for veteran programs. Then, with her Master’s degree in nutrition, she taught wellness workshops to the staff members who work on the frontline with military families. ​

Through spending time with these military families, Andrea found that their biggest challenges are emotional health and well-being. She sees that post-9/11 service members were sent on multiple tours overseas, sometimes within short periods, without a chance to recover from the trauma they experienced before they suffered the next event. This has caused damage in a way that veterans of previous wars didn’t experience. ​

But Andrea is optimistic, which has furthered her passion for giving back even more. Thank you, Andrea, for your consistent generosity and dedication to our warriors!