Retired Army Colonel Greg Gadson has been a part of our HOPE family for a while, now serving in an advisory capacity for our leadership team. As an actor and motivational speaker, he has been a source of inspiration for not just us but also people around the country who have listened to him speak.​

Before joining the Army, Gadson attended West Point, where he played football before graduating in 1989. After graduation, he began his 20 years of service as a soldier. While serving overseas in Iraq in 2007, he was injured by a roadside bomb, resulting in the loss of both of his legs and a severe injury to his right arm.​

Despite his injuries, Greg didn’t allow himself to be limited. He let his experience strengthen his resilience, and became the motivational speaker he is today, inspiring people across the nation.​

Greg came to HOPE after meeting our CEO Robin Kelleher in Alexandria, VA and striking up a friendship. That friendship turned into a mentorship, as he has helped us better understand the needs and challenges of our injured warriors and how we can better serve them. Today, he continues to be a part of our family by attending HOPE events and advocating for our programs and services.​

Shares Robin, “Greg is teaching the world that living in a wheelchair doesn’t have to be disabling. He believes that his injuries don’t limit what he can achieve, and we want all of our clients to see a world as big and as hopeful as he does.”