After transitioning from the Marine Corps to civilian life, Collin Yarborough continued to receive phone calls that no veteran ever wanted to get. Calls that yet another friend he served alongside had taken their life. Unsure of how to cope, Yarborough turned to running. Finding HOPE when his shoes met the trail, he decided to use his endurance and mental and physical strength from being an ultra-marathon runner to bring awareness to the psychological issues veterans face during the transition into civilian life. ​

In 2018, Collin embarked on a 110-mile journey from Greensboro to Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, with the goal of running 22 miles a day for five days. Yarbrough aimed to symbolize the 22 veterans that take their own lives each day and raise money and awareness to help prevent veteran suicide. Throughout the 5-day journey, he was joined by fellow veterans who volunteered to run different lengths of his journey with him. ​

Thanks to Collin’s incredible endurance, commitment to the cause, and dedication to his fallen friends, he completed his 110-mile journey and raised over $2,000 for HOPE programs and services.​