In 2008, HOPE expanded our footprint to become more of a nationwide organization when we opened our New York City office at 55 Water Street. Moving into the Big Apple opened many doors for our warriors and expanded the offering of community events for HOPE. 

One of the individuals who contributed to this important step in our growth was the late Harry Bridgwood, U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and former HOPE Board Member. After his military service, Harry joined the NYPD for 29 years and then managed one of the largest commercial buildings in NYC, 55 Water Street. Subsequently, he generously donated office space in that building to HOPE.

Service to our country was an integral part of who Harry was, a trait that expanded into advocacy for other veterans. He was one of the founding Board Members of Friends Of Vietnam Veterans Plaza NYC. He remained committed to raising funds in support of maintaining and refurbishing the memorial, which was adjacent to HOPE’s New York office. 

We remain grateful for Harry’s service to our country, to his fellow New Yorkers, to the memory of Vietnam veterans, and for his part in our story.