While still in high school, LaShun “Gabby” Mack joined the Army in May 2000 to broaden her horizons and create new life experiences. Serving with the 1206th Quartermaster out of Wetumpka, AL, Mack was set to deploy to Balad, Iraq, in 2003. However, two weeks before her unit deployed, she sustained a knee injury, ultimately leading to her medical discharge in March 2005. ​

While going through her recovery, Mack experienced a traumatic event, which stirred up some symptoms of PTSD and led her to a depressed slump. At one point, she found herself living in her car, but fortunately, that’s also when she found HOPE. Benefitting from our financial assistance programs, Mack was able to get back on her feet while receiving medical treatment hundreds of miles away from her home. ​​

Through the many obstacles she has overcome, Mack has continued to radiate a positive attitude through any negative situations she faces. Today, she continues to give back to her community as a volunteer with a nonprofit agency that supports those struggling with homelessness, earning her a Vigiano Hope & Courage Award in 2017.