Alexis and Brandon Boehm have been strong supporters of HOPE and our mission for the past few years. Their first impressions of “giving back” stem from their childhoods when they both delivered donations to charities to help people in their community.​

Several years ago, Alexis’ grandfather wanted to create a way for his family to understand that they truly can make a difference in the world by giving gifts of time and resources, so he formed a family foundation and each year, Alexis and Brandon, along with their parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, meet to discuss how they want to impact the world as a family in the coming year. They each research the charity they want to support and give a presentation to the others. There’s lots of discussion and everyone has a voice, from teenager to senior adult. ​

Alexis and Brandon chose HOPE because giving back to our veterans is very important to them. Brandon served 4 years of active duty in the Marine Corps and saw firsthand the need for transitional and well-being programs after service. ​

Brandon and Alexis look forward to keeping the family philosophy going into the next generation, too. For now, they support charities like HOPE that serve as an extension of their own mission in the world. Thanks to them, that world is a better place for veterans and their families.