Art therapy has always been an important part of the holistic approach to wellness that we believe in here at HOPE. Our Head of Well-Being Programs & Services, Tricia Winklosky provides small group art therapy sessions and workshops to veterans, military caregivers, and children to help them cope with trauma and find healing.​

In 2017, we partnered with Combat Paper NJ for a Warrior Art Exhibit in New York City, featuring artwork from our therapy sessions and veteran artists, including Staff Sergeant Adel Abudayeh. Abudayeh, one of the featured artists in the Warrior Art Exhibit, is a combat veteran Marine who served five tours of duty since 2002. His actions while deployed earned him a Bronze Star, three Purple Hearts and three Navy Marine Corps Achievement medals. Injured by an IED in 2013, Abudayeh was introduced to art therapy during his rehabilitation with HOPE. ​

“During the class, something took over me and I just started sculpting,” said the Marine. “After just one day of sculpting with freedom, I found the incredible power of the arts. Each day during those two hours, I was able to relax and let my feelings pour into what I was doing. Since that day, I started healing and more importantly, I started coping with memories that were causing me pain for years.”​​

Today, Abudayeh continues to pursue his passion for creating art, and has launched Veteran Art Vision, a service company for veteran artists to promote, network and sell their artwork in a safe environment with freedom of expression.