When Hurricane Florence made landfall September 2018, it caused catastrophic damage in the Carolinas, destroying roads and businesses and displacing thousands from their homes. 

​In the aftermath of the storm, we were there to provide HOPE to our community in North Carolina. We brought on an additional social worker in our Jacksonville office to support the greater need for services. We provided financial support for military families that were affected to help with groceries, gas, supplies, or utilities. In some cases, if they qualified for our Critical Care, we were able to provide utility, mortgage, and rent support. 

​We also worked with the greater community and corporate partners to supply 40,000 pounds of nonperishable food, supplies, and hygiene products to 450 families on 2 separate occasions, leaning on the incredible support of more than 100 volunteers.

​The way our community banded together in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence stands as a testament to the resilience of our warriors and the commitment of the greater community for helping us share HOPE.