Since our inception, HOPE has been committed to serving not only our veterans and service members, but the entire warrior family, including caregivers. ​

In March of 2016, we hosted our very first Caregiver Wellness Workshop with the purpose of focusing on the needs of those who tirelessly care for our wounded service members and veterans.​

Led by social workers on HOPE’s staff, the day-long workshop was spent sharing personal stories, and participating in self-care and mindfulness activities, such as yoga, meditation, and writing letters to their future selves. ​

Since that workshop, HOPE has hosted multiple workshops over the years and continues to prioritize the well-being of our incredible caregivers by offering all our programs and services as options for care. In addition, we’ve strengthened our HOPE caregiver network with the creation of the Caregiver Resource HUB, a Facebook group dedicated to bringing caregivers together for support and connection. To learn more and become a part of this network, connect to services at