September 11, 2001. A day that forever changed the course of our nation and history.​
It was also on September 11, but in 2006, that Hope For The Warriors (HOPE) was founded by a group of military spouses aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. They saw their spouses return with injuries and others in flag-draped caskets. They witnessed friends and families deal with the brutal reality of war and loss. They knew what their community needed most … HOPE. ​
For 16 years, Hope For The Warriors has been helping service members, caregivers, military families, and families of the fallen find their HOPE — over 100,000 individuals to date. Support has looked different for each individual, and the needs have been ever-changing.
HOPE is unafraid to go back to the drawing board to determine the best solution for every individual, family, and community. This is how HOPE innovates, and this is our mission — be who the military community needs today.
We learn from history and the past, keep one eye on the future but live and serve in the present. ​
For 60 days, from September 11, Patriot Day, to November 11, Veterans Day, two prominent days for our community, we invite you to come along a journey with us to discover ‘what is HOPE?

Day 49

Teens take it upon themselves to give back to those who have served by washing windows.

Day 50

Luke Pylypciw, takes to the skies in support of HOPE, with “Loop For The Troops.”

Day 51

A 10-year partnership with Casey’s, restoring HOPE to our warriors.

Day 52

Hy-Vee has a decades-long tradition of supporting veterans.

Day 53

Retired Army Colonel Greg Gadson is an example of resilience.  

Day 54

Through Drive For Hope, Jeff’s world changed. ​He is now able to independently drive.

Day 55

Retired Army MSG Ray Soto relentlessly pursues his passion.

Day 56

Marine veteran Matt Bradford continues to serve after life-changing injuries.

Day 57

Retired Staff Sergeant Bobby Dove shows how far he’s come overcoming injuries.  

Day 58

Gold Star Mother, Amanda Jacobs Ballard keeps her son’s memory alive by supporting others.

Day 59

 Andrea Viglione knows the effects of combat and serves the military family. 

Day 60

Air Force veteran Michael Nehlsen combined his passion for riding his Harley with service.