Emilio is smiling in the photo with his awesome Team Hope For The Warriors jersey on, but there were times in his 500 kilometer race across Tennessee when he did not have the energy or desire to smile.  That’s 314 miles across a hot southern state in the middle of July.

Emilio decided to run the Vol State 500K and raise funds for Hope For The Warriors as he trained and ran.  “Vol” stands for Volunteer–the nickname for the state of Tennessee.  It’s perfect that Emilio volunteered to raise funds for our organization while planning and managing this difficult race.  As he ran, he was greeted by people who offered kind words of encouragement and help.

It is amazing to us that regardless of how tired Emilio was or how many hours he had been on his feet, he would chat with people about Hope For The Warriors when they asked him about his Team jersey.  

Thank you to Emilio and to all those who donated to Hope For The Warriors through his race.  And thank you to those who offered him kind words along the way too.

Mile 282

Race Stats
Race Time and Finish–4th place with a time of 4 Days, 23 Hours, 21 Minutes, and 4 Seconds
Sleep–Approximately 15 hours of sleep in almost 5 days
Shoes–Four different pairs used
Coconut Water–Approximately 13 liters consumed
Music–185 Songs on Rotation and Repeat 
Family Support–Six family members crewed him along the road
Key Gear–Headlamp and Flashlight for night time running, Trekking poles to keep dogs away, and a well stocked Blister Kit!

Funds Raised for Hope For The Warriors:  More than $3,700

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