The challenges of 2020 have followed us well into 2021. We see firsthand the struggles that our military community is facing amidst the endless pandemic, along with the hardships we face as a nation. This is why we at HOPE feel that it is imperative to turn National Random Acts of Kindness Day into a week-long celebration!

In the words of Anne Frank, “You can always give something, even if it is kindness.”

During HOPE’s Random Acts of Kindness week, we invite you support HOPE by completing these small acts of kindness without opening your wallet.

    1. Leave a review on Great Nonprofits 

Great Nonprofits is the leading platform for community-source stories about nonprofit organizations. Hope For The Warriors has earned a 5-star rating and is ranked among the best nonprofits. In order to achieve and maintain this rating, we rely on you as a client, supporter, or donor to share your experience with HOPE on the platform.

Visit HOPE’s profile to leave a review:  

    2. Share HOPE Resources 

In the words of Christopher Reeves, “In the face of adversity, hope often comes in the form of a friend who reaches out to us.” Simply put—reach out to your friends in the warrior community. Ask them sincerely, “how are you?” and share with them the impactful support services that Hope For The Warriors has to offer.

By clicking “Apply for Services” on HOPE’s website and submitting an intakes application, a veteran or military family will have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with our intakes coordinators and explore our many different services identifying the best programs to meet their needs and get them on the path to a fulfilling life.

    3. Set up Facebook Fundraiser ($1 per friend suggested text) 

Advocate for HOPE and the warrior community in your social network! Creating a Facebook fundraiser is a simple and effective way to support HOPE and aid us in growing not only our client base, but also program support. The average number of friends a Facebook user has is 388. Imagine if each one of your Facebook friends donated just $1, how much would you raise?

Here is how to set up a fundraiser in 5 clicks:

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed. You may need to click  See More.
  2. Click + Raise Money.
  3. Select Nonprofit or Charity.
  4. Select a charitable organization, fill in the fundraiser details and choose a cover photo.
  5. Click Create.

    4. Follow and engage with HOPE on Social Media and leave a review 

Stay up to date on all HOPE happenings by following us on social media! Most importantly, share our upcoming events, program opportunities, and general awareness information within your social network. A simple share could give someone the HOPE they need to reach out and begin anew.

Instagram: @Hope4Warriors
Twitter: @Hope4Warriors

    5. Attend a virtual Event

Virtual support? Virtual events? These concepts are new to many, but at HOPE we have been providing this type of support for nearly 15 years. This year, connect with us by participating in one of our upcoming virtual events.

  1. Virtual Trivia Night (Thursday, February 25 at 7:00 p.m.)
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Virtual Concert featuring Renowned Celtic Tenor John McDermott
  3. May: 30×30 Virtual Fitness Challenge
  4. September: 30×30 Virtual Fitness Challenge

Check back on our website for more updates on these offerings.

Although this is a small list of just 5 ways to share kindness and HOPE during Random Acts of Kindness Week, we challenge you to find other small ways to give back and safely connect with your friends, families, and neighbors.