Dennis (Denny) Griffith (far right) helping with a food distribution in Kentucky.

Dennis “Denny” Griffith has been married for 52 years.

A natural follow-up question comes with that statement; “what’s the secret?”

“Listen to everything she says, and don’t do it,” Denny said.

An answer like that came with a little chuckle from the 72-year-old, who was just selected as HOPE’s Volunteer of the Month for January.

Before helping distribute 4,000 meals to veterans and their families right before Christmas at Fort Campbell, Denny, who drove all the way from Delaware, wanted to make a quick detour.

“He was telling me he had to stop at Hobby Lobby because his wife loved these snowmen, and they couldn’t find them at any of the Hobby Lobby’s where they live, so he was going to pick up these special snowmen for her,” Jordan Huffman, Strategic Alliance Director at HOPE said.

That stop sums up Denny, a husband and a father who wants to make others happy. His son is Scott Griffith, one of HOPE’s Military Veteran Program Coordinators. Denny didn’t serve, but volunteering alongside his son, a retired First Sergeant, is a unique way to give back to those who did.

“It’s just a warm feeling that you’ve done something to help those that helped us,” Denny said.

His dad making the trip and showing support means the world to Scott.

“Having my dad by my side at this event, still teaching me and mentoring me by showing me how he truly cares for Veterans and their families fills my heart with nothing but pride. I’ve learned so much from him in my life, but the most important thing he has taught me is to have a caring heart and a strong work ethic. He demonstrates these traits every day,” Scott said.

He’s a self-proclaimed “Jack of all Trades,” so it was no surprise that he was on the forklift, unloading the truck and passing out food during the distribution.

“He worked the whole time. The staff members would be like, get donuts, get lunch; he never wanted to take a break. He wanted to be out there and be a friendly face,” Huffman said.

A friendly face that is all-in for the next food distribution event.

“I enjoyed serving for HOPE, and I’ll be glad to do it again,” Denny said.


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