30 minutes of activity for 30 days.
From Sunday, April 26 to Memorial Day, Monday, May 25.

Here, you can find more information about the Hope For The Warriors 30×30 Virtual Fitness Challenge and the people behind the daily workouts.

Meet Steve Bartomioli, Hope For The Warriors Senior Director of Sports & Recreation. He’s the leader of the team bringing this 30×30 Virtual Fitness Challenge to you. Steve’s degree is in Applied Psychology (Ithaca College), so he knows the positive impact physical activity can have on mental and emotional health.

Steve came to Hope For The Warriors after years of volunteering for HOPE through Team Hope For The Warriors. It was a great fit. Using physical fitness to promote overall well-being is near and dear to Steve’s heart. But his inspiration to serve post-9/11 veterans came from his grandfathers, both WWII veterans and strong influences on Steve.

Say hello to Irina Watkins, the Community Peer to Peer Manager for Team Hope For The Warriors. She’s the one leading our HIIT participants in their daily warmups and cool downs. Irina’s primary role at HOPE is to facilitate fundraising through sporting events and serve as a motivator for our Team participants.

Irina was a competitive runner (specializing in 800 and 1500 meters) but now she enjoys any form of exercise, including hiking, paddle boarding and chasing around her very active 3-year-old son. Irina’s husband has served in the Active Duty Army since 2008, and they recently moved back to the States from Seoul, Korea, where they were last stationed.

Irina has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology from Temple University and a Master’s in Psychology from Springfield College. We can’t think of a more qualified person to get you going each day.

It’s Robyn Womac, y’all, the director of Run For The Warriors series. Typically, Hope For The Warriors hosts several races across the country each year, but right now, COVID-19 has us all running in place. But we’ll be back on course soon, with the next run scheduled this summer in New Bern, North Carolina.

Robyn was a championship basketball and rugby player in college. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Sports Management, with minors in Psychology, Business and Nutrition. It’s no surprise to us — Robyn is one of the most energetic folks we know. She enjoys hunting, fishing, disc golf, triathlons (to name a few hobbies) and spending time with her husband, Aaron, and their three dogs.

Jenna McDonald is HOPE’s Sports & Recreation Manager and, frankly, a Jane-of-all-trades. She’s a native Rhode Islander, but thanks to being a military spouse for nearly a decade, she’s lived in North Carolina, Hawaii and California.

Jenna earned her degree in exercise science and wellness from Springfield College, but her quest to be a treasure trove of knowledge didn’t stop there. She certified in CrossFit, AFAA Group Fitness, as well as Indoor Cycling. She’s a certified trainer and even performed duties as an exercise specialist for the Department of the Navy. And she’s pursuing her Masters’ in Athletic Administration (Southern New Hampshire University).

She’s a mom to an energetic 18-month-old, a novice baker and fur-mom to two dogs.

Augustine “Augie” Monroe is the program case manager for Sports & Recreation. His primary role is to ensure our warriors meet their physical activity goals through a variety of programs. That’s one cool thing about Hope For The Warriors — each warrior who comes to us for services is on an individual journey, and part of that journey is connecting to various communities for support.

Augie graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Master’s in social work. We’d say Augie is a rock star, but quidditch star is more accurate. That’s right, he currently plays quidditch for the U.S. National Team. He also enjoys roller blading and spending quality time with his cat, Rocket.

Liz Kimmeth is HOPE’s Sports & Recreation Coordinator who supports the various events the team hosts throughout the year. Liz also coaches and develops functional fitness training programs for tactical athletes at a military base in NYC, working with the military, FDNY and NYPD.

Liz came to Hope For The Warriors through volunteering at an Amp Surf event, where wounded warriors learn to surf. And that’s the spirit of Sports & Recreation — connecting or reconnecting individuals to activities they enjoyed before injury.

Not all of us are triathletes and fitness gurus. For some of us, activity means a hike through the woods or paddling a john boat to favorite fishing hole. Nature has healing factors that contribute to physical and mental well-being. Just ask Ken Sutherby, HOPE’s Outdoor Adventures program director.

Ken has been at the helm of Outdoor Adventures activities for five years, and he has a passion for connecting service members and veterans with opportunities to connect with themselves, their families and others on fishing, hunting and hiking trips. Ken is a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant who now lives in Northern Idaho.

His military career included Quantico Scout Sniper School, MARSOC Advance Sniper School, MARSOC Special Missions Branch… just to name a few. His service matched with being a father of five helps him bridge those two sides in others, using outdoor sports as a path to healing.