Hope For The Warriors Talk Radio:

Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday

A full house, a very busy schedule and too much commotion is nerve wracking for some who have had a head injury or for someone who has PTSD. Over stimulation easily brings on headaches, anxiety, and fatigue.

Hope For The Warriors Talk Radio hosts and caregivers Patti Katter and Amanda Flener, with the help of our caregiver support group of over 300 military and veteran caregivers, shared tips that allow them to embrace the beauty and joy of the holiday season while keeping the stress that comes along to a minimum!

10 Tips For A Stress Free Holiday

1. Stay calm at all times, your attitude helps set the mood

2. Don’t rush

3. Don’t over extend yourself; know when to say “no”

4. Start baking a couple days before the actual holiday

5. Make sure your family understands your veteran’s needs

6. If your veteran requires a “quiet” get away to escape to for a while, make sure he/she has a room to enjoy that is a little more laid back away from all of the busyness

7. Wrap presents as you go. (I often shop Amazon, they will even wrap your presents! *Hint, if you shop Amazon, use the Smile Program and please choose Hope for the Warriors as the charity you support).

8. Share the work by hosting a Thanksgiving or Christmas pot-luck

9. Be satisfied with, “good enough.” Bigger and better isn’t always better!

10. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, and welcome help!

Patti shares, “I’ve learned to pace myself. I’ve learned I do not have to say “yes” to every event or request during the holidays. I do what I can, when I can. I set aside time to relax and to reflect on holidays of past while enjoying holidays of present while looking forward to future holidays. When things start to become stressful I turn on holiday music, step back from the chaos to reorganize my thoughts, getting back to the root of the holiday season.”

We hope you find value in the tips we have shared and have yourself a very Merry Christmas and blessed holiday season!

If you are post-9/11 military or veteran caregiver please join our caregiver support services and engage in all of our virtual caregiver support opportunities and upcoming Military and Veteran Caregiver Wellness Workshops! Click here to learn more and get involved: Military & Veteran Caregiver Support Services.