Throughout the year, HOPE staff and volunteers
have worked tirelessly to address the needs of thousands of military families.
Here are just 10 reasons for you to donate to Hope For The
Warriors® today!
1. A large percent of your donated dollars goes directly to programs
that support military families.  Review
our financial information on Charity Navigator and visit
our website to review our Annual Report or 990s.
2. More than 52,000 service members have been wounded in combat according
to the Department of Defense. Their
needs will continue for many years.
3. Hope For The Warriors® provides a full cycle of program support to
restore self, family, and hope to the entire military family. Review our Service Portfolio to
learn more.
4. Thousands of veterans are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress or
traumatic brain injury each year.  Still
thousands more struggle undiagnosed. Our programs support the entire military
family as they face these challenges.
5. More than 65% of the HOPE staff is connected to the military.  Our staff members are veterans themselves or
the spouse, caregiver, child, or parent of a service member. We know the joys
and challenges of military life.
6. Nearly 5,400 service members have been killed in action.  Hope For The Warriors® supports the families
of the fallen as they struggle with the loss of their loved one.  Each is a member of the HOPE family.
7. Hope For The Warriors® assists service members, veterans, and
military families from every branch of service. 
We work closely with VA caseworkers, military commands, inpatient
facilities, other nonprofits, and community leaders.
8. Program support has been granted to families in all 50 states.  No matter where our veterans live, we are
there for them.
9. We offer yearlong events across the country for veterans that want
to continue the cycle of support to other service members by volunteering,
enhancing their health with an active lifestyle, or networking within the
10. Because it is our duty and privilege to give our heroes HOPE.
Your support made a huge difference to our service members and their families in 2014, so please consider a donation today to continue the impact in 2015!